“A 30,000-Foot View of Leadership”

While serving international adventure tourists in what often appears to be a support role, the Sherpa guides of Nepal are unparalleled models of true leadership. Perhaps the most exceptional and renowned among them is Apa Sherpa, who holds 13  world records for summiting Mount Everest 21 times, four of those without supplemental oxygen.

In his captivating keynote address, Apa shares a perspective on leadership gained from his 25 years of leading expeditions and his 21 ascents of the world’s highest peak. Using images and anecdotes from his many climbs, Apa is able to breathe new life into the concepts surrounding leadership – on being mission-focused, on risk-taking and decision-making, on logistics and teamwork, on sacrifice and setbacks, and, of course, on victory.

With his delightful manner and his gripping stories, Apa Sherpa wows his audiences as he leaves them with new insights and food for thought on the topic of leadership.