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    Apa Sherpa Speaking

    Go on a virtual journey from Katmandu to the top of the world as if Apa was your guide.
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A 30,000-Foot View of Leadership

Apa Sherpa is relatively new to motivational speaking, but is quickly becoming one of the most unique and sought after speakers. He has spoken to audiences ranging from school children to large businesses, sharing extraordinary stories of courage, motivation, risk taking, overcoming adversities and achieving goals.

About Keynote

While serving international adventure tourists in what often appears to be a support role, the Sherpa guides of Nepal are unparalleled models of true leadership. Perhaps the most exceptional and renowned among them is Apa Sherpa, who holds the world record for summiting Mount Everest 21 times, four of those without supplemental oxygen.

In his captivating keynote address, Apa shares a perspective on leadership gained from his 25 years of leading expeditions and his 21 ascents of the world’s highest peak. Using images and anecdotes from his many climbs, Apa is able to breathe new life into the concepts surrounding leadership – on being mission-focused, on risk-taking and decision-making, on logistics and teamwork, on sacrifice and setbacks, and, of course, on victory.

With his delightful manner and his gripping stories, Apa Sherpa wows his audiences as he leaves them with new insights and food for thought on the topic of leadership.

Apa's Clients

  • REI
  • American Himalayan Foundation
  • Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation, Canada
  • Snowbird Ski Resort
  • Alta Club, Salt Lake City, Utah
  • American Alpine Club at Alta Ski Resort
  • Entheos Middle School
  • University of Utah
  • Valdosa State University
  • Snow College, Utah
  • RML, Queenstown New Zealand
  • Banff Book and Film Festival

Opinions and thoughts...

  • “The Sherpas are awesome! They are a great example of working hard, staying humble, and doing whatever it takes to get the job done. It was a delight to meet them and hear their story!”
  • “The highlight of the training was the surprise visit from the Sherpas. They were extremely inspiring and motivating. Everyone should hear their story. Thanks for bringing them to us.”
  • “I very much appreciated Lhakpa and Apa’s experiences and their willingness to share them with us. They were very gracious, humble, and inspirational. I look forward to learning more about them through the documentary and the other projects they are working on.”
  • “The one thing that I will never forget about the time they spent with us, is no matter how hard I might think that life is, there is always a way to climb over the hard times and back to the good times.”
  • “It was a wonderful reality check for me and my ambitions. They proved just how much the human body and spirit both can handle in this world.”
  • “It was an honor to have Apa Sherpa come to speak to our school. At Entheos Expeditionary Learning, we base our school around a set of core values. Some of those values include; integrity, respect, leadership, adventure, and service.”